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New S.C. Bar President Pushes Law Education for All



Law schooling. Richard Rosen, a partner of Charleston-based law firm Rosen, Rosen & Hagood and recently sworn in as the South Carolina Bar Association’s new president, believes that lawyers stand for the proposition that there can be a country in which justice is available and dispensed to all equally without discrimination, bias or prejudice. He says that under his stewardship the Bar will fight to make sure the court system has enough funds to function effectively and provide poor folks quality legal representation in criminal and civil cases, secure adequate compensation for a variety of professionals – police officers, public defenders, prosecutors, teachers and social workers – who impart legal knowledge and administer justice, and defend the justice system against unjust criticism. 

Rosen says that one area of business education being promoted by the South Carolina Bar is alternative dispute resolution, or ADR. In a nutshell, ADR involves businesses solving their disagreements without resorting to American's favorite pastime - litigation. 

"We will try to spread the best practices of alternative dispute resolution and make those programs that work available to every county," says Rosen. That's one way of lightening the system's civil dockets load. 

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BY: Dennis Quick 
Charleston Regional Business Journal 
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