In an instant, lives are changed forever.

A car accident. An unsafe product. And suddenly, someone who was healthy, sound, and able is facing a lifetime of struggle, pain, and challenges. So is their family. Their world has suddenly been turned upside down. The legal system gives these victims only one chance to be compensated for what’s happened to them. That’s where Rosen Hagood’s personal injury attorneys do their work.

Representing injured clients is challenging. Defendants are sometimes big companies, and frequently fight these cases with everything they have, for as long as they can. Our clients are usually still injured, and are in no emotional or physical shape for a long legal battle. Our job is to speak (and fight) for people who cannot fight for themselves – to make things as right as they can be made.

We also understand the huge impact a major injury can have on a family. Not only is the person who’s injured affected, but so is everyone who cares about them. An injured mother who can’t care for her children is an example. Her injury affects everyone in her family, including those who need her most.

When we take a case, we will stay with a client (and their families) to the end. It’s a major commitment we take very seriously. Representing an injured client is a real partnership – we work together to help get the compensation our clients deserve. We explain, step by step, how their case works, what’s going to happen next, and how things are moving along. We do not get paid unless we win, which gives us a powerful incentive. We work with an established network of experts we know and trust to help us make our case.

Most of our cases involve defective products, and injuries from car wrecks. We have extensive experience in representing clients who have suffered brain injuries. These typically result from either a direct blow to the head or from the brain smashing against the skull in a whiplash-like fashion. These whiplash type injuries, known as coup contrecoup injuries, can be very tricky to spot and diagnose. Oftentimes they cause concussions, which are brain injuries. Many times a client with no immediate signs of a brain injury right after an accident will, over time, change – become irritable, have trouble sleeping, forget things. We have effectively handled dozens of these cases.

As lawyers, we are professional, but we’re also extremely aggressive. Our job is to get the best possible result for our client. A lawsuit is a battle, and as trial lawyers, we genuinely enjoy – and are very good at – the fight itself. We work to seize and keep the initiative whenever we can. When opposing counsel is reacting to what we do rather than acting, we have the advantage. In the end, we’re courtroom lawyers, and when it’s time to see who wins in front of a jury, we’re determined competitors.

We understand that money can never change what’s happened. This is especially true when the client’s injuries are serious or lasting. Nevertheless, we have seen money do a great deal of good for our clients. Our goal is to win the case, to get the compensation our clients deserve, and to help them – and their families – get their lives back.

Rosen Hagood Community Service Scholarship

The Rosen Hagood Law Firm is proud to announce the 2018 Community Service Scholarship. In an effort to improve the community and give back to those who have made a difference, $1000 will be given to a student who can actively demonstrate their commitment to community service. Please visit our scholarship page for more information on how to apply.